Tools of Choice 2022 survey


Sick of searching banally through Google SERPs for the best onboarding software to invest in for a startup? Perhaps you’re after the best tool to collate customer feedback. Or maybe you're literally building a customer success tech stack from scratch and need to know where to start? 🤷‍♀️

Whatever the agenda, our Tools of Choice 2022 report will function as a CSM’s go-to handbook for customer success tools, and help map out what software solutions are the hottest ticket in 2022. Not only will this report give you insider industry knowledge, but it'll also analyze how and why CSMs are using these tools.

But first, we need your help to build this directory – so let us know what tools are an absolute must in our short survey. 👇

Customer success is first and foremostly a human-focused discipline, based on empathy for the customer. That being said, Customer Success Managers (CSMs) wouldn’t be anywhere near as productive without software aiding their work.

Without these, your company won’t be able to identify at-risk customers, which could lead to churn, causing retention rates to plummet. In fact, without vital software to calculate retention, metrics like retention rates wouldn’t be measured in the first place!

Why are we building this guide?

  • It can be overwhelming when shopping for new tech. With so much choice on the market, you can find yourself asking which software’s the best value, or what you personally need for your day-to-day work. We’ll find out what tools will make your life easier and share them in our guide.
  • We’ll provide a detailed breakdown of costs to shave a bit of research time off of your search.
  • Our directory will be built from the feedback and recommendations of CSMs, VPs of Customer Success, and Heads of Customer Success, so you can be certain that every product has been tried and tested by industry experts.
  • As well as detailing the hottest tools in CS, we also want to hear how CSMs balance data and tech with traditional human engagement.
  • We know AI will have an impact on customer success. Help us find out how and why it's changing things in the next 12 months and beyond.