Client onboarding toolkit

For CSMs looking to provide exceptional experiences to their clients. Get the step-by-step client onboarding toolkit and start building better relationships with new accounts as soon as tomorrow.
Did you know…

→ Poor onboarding can lead to a 40-60% user drop-off rate post sign-up.
→ 55% of people say they've returned a product because they didn't understand how to use it.
→ If the onboarding process takes 20+ minutes, 70% of customers completely abandon their attempt to open an account.


Suffice to say, the way you onboard your clients matters.

But when you’re fairly new to CSM, it can be tough to know where to star, which is where this toolkit comes in. From defining what client onboarding actually is to using templates and the metrics that matter, we break down the key milestones behind successful onboarding.

Rock solid client onboarding isn’t just about the success of your accounts either - it’s about the success of you.

Become a client onboarding powerhouse ➡️ Create better client relationships ➡️ Retain and grow more clients ➡️ Bring in more revenue for your organization ➡️ Prime yourself for that next promotion.