The State of Customer Success survey 2021

Customer success

Calling all CSMs! We're carrying out a survey and want to pick your brains on all things CS-related. 🧠

If you've ever wanted to spill the beans on what it means to work in customer success, then now's the time to have your say. 📢

We're creating a report that will paint a landscape of customer success as a business function, to determine how it fits within organizational structures. Most importantly, we want to find out your thoughts about working in customer success and we encourage you to be as honest as possible.

And because customer success is still in its infancy, it can be a little tricky to pin down one definition as it's practiced differently from business to business. 🤷‍♀

So to clear up this ambiguity and to really get our teeth into the current state of customer success, let us know what you think by filling out our survey. 👇

When you've finished the survey, feel free to pass it along to your colleagues and friends so we can cast as wide a net as possible. After all, there's nothing we like more than slicing and dicing CS data. 🤓

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