How to use AI in customer success [eBook]

Want to incorporate AI into your everyday work? Find out what the experts think in our latest eBook.

AI is the hot topic that everyone's talking about right now - but where does it fit in with customer success?

If you want the lowdown on topics including:

  • What to expect in the future with AI
  • How AI will transform customer success
  • Integrating AI into your tech stack

..and more, then this is the eBook for you.

Get your copy and hear invaluable insights from customer success experts at the world's biggest companies, including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, HubSpot, Mixpanel and more.

Key takeaways:

  • How your teams should be using AI.
  • How to incorporate AI into customer success strategies.
  • How teams can start implementing AI in their day-to-day workflows.

These takeaways are from Matik's AI + CS  virtual event, featuring experts such as Rod Cherkas, Nik Mijic, Micky Powell, and Emilia D’Anzica.