Do your customers trust you? [OnDemand]

How to use data to build trust with your customers.

Building trust with customers is a critical part of being a successful CSM, especially when the current economic climate makes it even more challenging to retain customers.

While data can be a powerful tool in trust building, it can be detrimental if used incorrectly, so you need to avoid those pitfalls.

So if you wanna craft a great story based on data, then this is the live session for you.

Catch the replay of our live session with experts from Matik and GaggleAMP as we help you build trust by leveraging data to build credibility with accounts.

We cover the impact data can have on customer relationships, how to start using it to tell your customers compelling stories of your product's value, and how to overcome the challenges and pitfalls of using data.

Key takeaways:

  • Steps to creating data-rich content
  • What kinds of data to use & at which points in the customer journey
  • Avoiding the pitfalls that come with data

Meet your expert hosts: