This directory, Customer Success Tools of Choice 2023, lists what tech is worth having in your customer success toolkit. It contains your non-negotiables. Your ride-or-die platforms. The churn-crushing, customer-experience-boosting fan favorites. So, what's in there?

It's been molded by the customer success community and created for the customer success community.

Why did we create this report?

You, the customer success community truly delivered.

The motivation behind this report was to give a holistic appraisal of the best platforms on the market. Our promise to you? We'll only recommend top-tier products that are genuinely transformative.

We get it – Google's filled to the brim with variations of these searches:

🌐 "What's the best platform for collaboration?"

🌐 "What's the go-to solution for onboarding?"

🌐 "What tech should early-stage CS teams invest in?"

Figuring out what's best for you and your customer success team can be a tough decision to make. That's why we created our second edition of the Customer Success Tools of Choice 2023 Report. Things change, tools change.

Why this report has your name on it

This report is a CS tech directory that'll act as your complete guide for the hottest most utilized platforms on the market. This report reveals the secret weapons of customer success.

Are you in the stages of forming your customer success team and need to know which tools to invest in? Or, are you in the scale-up phase and are hoping to extend your toolkit? Whatever your position, this report's the one for you.

We've included platforms that, when deployed, will help you move closer toward total customer satisfaction.

With this guide, you can rest assured that every platform has been vetted by the customer success community. It'll incorporate a cutting-edge breakdown of the varying costs of each arrangement, to suit all financial plans. All in one spot, for your ease of mind.