Learn how to lead the way in customer success [eBook]


Customer success is young, growing, and important to the C-Suite.

So it's vital to bring greater awareness, support, and understanding to the customer success community.

That's where this leadership study comes in to help you implement organizational alignment, prioritize your goals, and secure that business-wide influence you deserve.

With 1000+ CS leaders taking part, ChurnZero offers a deeper insight into the biggest Customer Success trends and the drivers behind them.

Grab your copy and delve into all these facts and figures:

🔄 Half of CS teams are now responsible for renewals, while 42% own expansion and 34% have veto power over bad-fit customers.

📈 63% of teams added headcount this year, and 52% grew their budgets.

🏗 Less than half of CS teams have a purpose-built platform—and teams without one tend to report lower NRR than those who do.