Exclusive customer success dinner experience: London 🇬🇧

Customer success

We're bringing together a small group of high-level execs currently breaking the customer success ground.

Join a carefully curated group of 15-20 senior customer success decision-makers that own the customer success strategy in their companies, build your network, discuss hot-button CS topics, and enjoy a fine-dining meal experience sponsored by Totango - the industry’s only composable customer success platform, and get to know those in your field.

📆 When? April 27, 2023
What time? 7pm GMT
📍Where? Searcy's at The Gherkin, London

Why join?

  • Make connections with a curated group of customer success executive peers.
  • Hear how others are adapting to this ever-changing market and driving predictable growth.
  • Discover new perspectives and strategies for how to efficiently scale CS and drive customer value.

This is your chance to get an exclusive invite to an intimate professional dinner...spaces are limited, so express your interest in the form below and we'll be in touch.

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