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Finding harmony between customer success and product
In this article, I’ll share what I call the EAR methodology, a way to rethink the relationship between product and success and turn previously negative experiences into the foundation of a positive working relationship using empathy, alignment, and reframing exercises.
Why customer success and product teams must communicate
In the fast-paced world of customer-centric businesses, the symbiotic relationship between Customer success and product management teams is not just a nice to have; it’s a necessity. The key to elevating the customer experience lies in the seamless integration of these two vital departments.
The complete guide to customer support, success and product development
“Just input the API key into the POST API field, delete all of the HTML lines above it, and hit refresh,” the support agent said. “Excuse me, W H A T?” I hollered into the phone. Doesn’t that sound like every customer service call EVER?