Creating end of year emails [eBook]

It's not too late to wow your customers and execs.
It may be Q1 right now, but it's never too late to let your customers know how well 2023 went.

You still need to demonstrate the impact of your product, so why wait til Q4?

There's still time to create end-of-year campaign that'll wow both your customers, and your execs.👇

Plus, you can really get ahead of Q4 by delving into all the tips and tricks we've got on offer.

This playbook will walk you through the whole process of executing an end of year email campaign, from ideation to the sending to all your customers (big and small).

Key takeaways:

  • What is hyper-personalization and how to use it
  • Actionable checklists to nail your end of year campaigns.
  • Defining the who & why, creating the email content, launching the email & after the launch
  • Creating your own end of year email with AI