What’s going to happen in the realm of customer success in 2024? While we can’t plot out the next 12 months, we’re sure of one or two things. Customer success is going to be indispensable to businesses. We also predict 24 special people will make huge waves in the customer success community, and continue to provide exceptional value to their customers. 

Join us in celebrating the top innovators in customer success with Customer Success Collective’s 24 in 2024, two dozen exceptionally talented people in the customer success field.🌟

This celebration features an inspiring selection of 24 customer success professionals, spanning various levels of expertise, who are set to do incredible things this year.

But before you roll your eyes, this isn't just a compilation of well-known names. Our 24 in 2024 aren't the usual suspects who appear on every other industry list. Far from it.

Our 24 in 2024 are real, diverse CSMs and CS leaders who've been nominated for their valiant efforts to produce meaningful customer experiences and promote customer success.

With this report, you'll gain access to a treasure trove of exclusive insights, strategies, and forecasts about the customer success landscape in 2024.

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Why this report is a must-have

For those in customer success, keeping abreast of the latest methods and trends is crucial for fostering client satisfaction and propelling revenue growth. This report offers a unique chance to gain wisdom from 24 leading lights in the realm of customer success.

Whether you're just starting out in customer success, or looking for inspiration from the folks who’ve walked that walk. Look no further than these trailblazing two dozen, whose colleagues recognize their outstanding contribution to the customer success space.

Who's made the list?

The 23 people we've selected have distinguished themselves, either as:

🔮 Onboarding oracles in their organization

👋 Someone willing to lend a helping hand in the CSC Slack community

🧠 CS thought leaders on LinkedIn

🗣️ Natural-born orators at one of our Customer Success Festivals

Insights from our standout professionals

We invited each of our distinguished 24 to respond to three thought-provoking questions for their profile, offering you deeper insights into their career progression and what significance in the year ahead.

  1. What is the standout moment of your career to date?
  2. What crucial customer success insight do you wish you had known at the outset of your career?
  3. What is your foremost prediction for customer success in 2024?

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the industry's foremost experts.

All that begs the question is: who should you be on the lookout for this year?

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