Onboarding is an art and a science that can make or break customer relationships. In a SaaS company, it’s the process that impacts recurring revenue. We wanted to uncover proven strategies and understand how customer success teams worldwide onboard their customers. So, we created a tell-all report that rips open how onboarding is performed across various companies and industries. 

Our first deep exploration reveals the structures, workflows, and tactics they use to “wow” new customers. From cross-functional teams to tailored journeys, explore their methods for launching customers into adoption and loyalty.

Why have we created this report?

Onboarding new customers is a tricky business. It may not seem like a huge deal, but how you bring people on board really impacts your bottom line down the road. Rushed, frustrating onboarding leads to stalled revenue growth and vanishing retention. 

But if you focus on crafting a seamless, thoughtful experience upfront, you'll be rewarded with happier customers who want to stick around and growth that keeps climbing. Onboarding is critical for subscription businesses, which is why we partnered with onboarding specialists at GUIDEcx to create this resource for you. 

We're giving you the keys to unlock product adoption and customer loyalty techniques that will keep your retention numbers climbing.

What’s in it for you

Not only will you get your hands on the latest deep dive into the current onboarding landscape, but you’ll also be able to determine where your onboarding strategy lies in comparison with others. 

Here’s just a taste of the good stuff inside:

🌟 Only 40% of companies have dedicated onboarding roles or teams, showing many still embed onboarding within broader customer success functions.

🌟 Live onboarding sessions are offered by 91% of companies, proving interactive sessions' value for engagement.

🌟 Adoption rate, engagement, and feature usage are the most measured metrics, but few track business impact like time-to-value.

🌟 92% don't use gamification techniques during onboarding, representing a missed opportunity to boost engagement.

But what else did we find out about onboarding? You don’t want to miss out and put your onboarding program at risk. Find out what strategies are in vogue in 2023, and what you could do to improve your business’s bottom line.