This article was transcribed from Zuzanna Ostojska's presentation at June 2021’s Customer Success Festival. At the time of recording, Zuzanna was Head of Customer Success at UXCam; she now holds the title of VP of Customer Success.

Building strong customer success teams is so important. Every good team has to have a strong strong foundation supporting it. That’s why in this article we’re going to look at the five essential pillars of building successful teams.

It’s not a task to be taken lightly, so let’s break down our main talking points:

  1. Why customer success matters
  2. The ideal customer success manager
  3. The interview process
  4. The onboarding process
  5. Creating a culture of positivity

Before we get into the main subject of this article, here’s a little bit of background on me and my experience.

About me

My name is Zuzanna Ostojska, and I'm Head of Customer Success at UXCam. UXCam is a mobile analytics solution that helps you understand how your users are behaving in your mobile apps.

With our solution, you can get a lot of insights. You can build your mobile apps in superior ways for your users.

We’re currently quite a small team of customer success managers, but we'll be definitely growing in the upcoming months. I also have six years of experience in building customer success teams.

In my previous company, I was leading a team of 14 people in three different roles. 💪

Why does customer success matter to us

At UXCam our values are always customer-centric. Quite simply, bringing happiness and success to customers is our major goal. And this is really the driving force behind good customer success.

But we can’t make customers happy without happy customer success teams. So, another one of our goals is to ensure that our teams are on the same page and thriving!

Because the thing is… 👇

Customer success is hard

And the hardest aspect of it is that you can’t always predict customer behavior. That's what makes the job really stressful and difficult at times! User needs vary and there’s definitely no one size fits all approach.

And just because your customer is happy in the short term doesn't mean they’re going to stay happy in the long term! Some of the major skills of a customer success manager include:

  • Managing customer expectations
  • Apologizing to customers when things don’t work out the way that they’d thought
  • Setting customers at ease when they’re concerned.

Not easy, right? CSMs are always directly in the firing line when it comes to customer concerns.

CSMs are good empathizers

Customer Success Managers are highly empathetic. They’re highly sensitive to negative emotions and this is what makes them so good at dealing with customer concerns.

Team leaders have to set the standard and be highly empathetic towards their team. They have to offer strong network support to their team members because the job can be really difficult and frustrating!

Of course, it can also be highly rewarding and that’s why I’m writing about it now.