“Organized. Engaging. Valuable. Rewarding. Exciting.”

You might think these choice words are describing a TEDx event or were gushed by glamorous attendees on the red carpet at Cannes or Sundance. 

You’d be wrong on both counts. 

You’ll find that “organized,” “engaging,” “valuable,” “rewarding,” and “exciting” are all adjectives used by attendees of Customer Success Festival Las Vegas back in May 2023

After our inaugural event in 2022, we returned to the world’s playground, curiosity hats firmly on, with one sole purpose: to unite a hundred customer success professionals under one roof and elevate the customer success function for the superpower it is. 

Our speakers and attendees shared knowledge, anecdotes, and strategies to help other customer success orgs continue to prove value, increase retention rates, and provide exceptional customer experiences.

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When we started Customer Success Collective back in 2021, it was with the ambition to establish a centralized hub for CSMs and CS leaders to learn, network and exchange expertise. Within our first year, we put on three virtual customer success events and we certainly got the bug for it!

The experience of Customer Success Festival Las Vegas 2023

But how would you describe our Customer Success Festivals? Well, we spoke to a few attendees on the ground at our Las Vegas event to find out what the experience was like: 

“The experience [...] has been amazing. It's a unique opportunity to find yourself in a space with common-minded practitioners and customer success leaders. So I feel like I've gotten a lot of ideas and a lot of kind of actions to take back to our organization.”

– Michail Cheimonas, Director of Success at Braze

“It was a great day today. There was just a lot of different information from different professionals in the industry and a lot of networking opportunities, which was wonderful. And hearing from people in different sectors, different industries or backgrounds was really a great value.”

– Aileen Aguinid, Customer Success Manager at KNEX Technology

What was the “eureka!” moment for our attendees?

The ambiance and overall experience might have hit the mark, but ultimately, to be a worthwhile enterprise, you’ve got to walk away with several nuggets of truth, a real “light-bulb” moment. 

So, in true fashion, we spoke to our attendees to get to the heart of the matter: we asked what the number one takeaway was that they couldn’t wait to take back and apply in their own organizations.

“My number one takeaway: thinking about what things [...] you can do [which] are cost-efficient – or [that] are no costs at all – that will help organizational effectiveness as it relates to customer success. 
“So a couple of the speakers talked about no-coding and the fact that there's a lot of resources sometimes in your existing enterprise software, and to connect with the project or the project or product experts for the software. 
“So you already know what you have. And you can utilize it instead of spending more money.”

– Natalie Williams, Client Relationship Manager at Settify

For Aileen Aguinid, Customer Success Manager at KNEX Technology, you couldn’t condense the razor-sharp insights into one hard-hitting point:

Customer Success Festival Las Vegas cemented the fact that we all need to “[make] sure that [we] have sales and customer success aligned.”  

Aileen stressed the importance of, “Making sure [...] you have listened to the customer thoroughly and done a thorough job of discovery, understanding what their goals are, what they really need out of their engagement with your customer, or with your company.”

Are you considering attending a CSC event?

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