Shayan Goodarzi, Senior Manager of Customer Success at UiPath, is a result-oriented digital transformation leader with in-depth experience building and growing technology across automation, big data, no code/low code, design, and customer experience. 💪

He believes that digital transformation starts with an emotion, continues with function, and ends with impact.

In September 2022, Shayan, alongside his team, attended CSC’s Customer Success Festival in San Francisco and also presented on the topic of the relationship between AI and CS. 🇺🇸

In this case study, he discusses his experience at the event, specifically:

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Shayan’s experience at the Customer Success Festival in San Francisco

What Shayan enjoyed about the event

“It's been great. I've really enjoyed listening to, and hearing, all the different perspectives of all the different leaders. I think it's really interesting that we're all tackling the same problems, but we're approaching them in different ways.”

Why attending the event was worthwhile

“I think the way [my fellow attendees] think about these things is, honestly, very inspiring. There are different ways to approach things, and taking our learnings back to our teams – back to our organizations – is something that I really cherish.”

What made this event stand out against others on the market

"The panel [discussions]. I think the panels – switching them up with the actual topics – were interesting. Because we got to dive in a little bit deeper, we got to understand a different perspective, based on the questions that the room was asking.

"And I think that it's always great when folks go up [on the stage] and talk about a specific topic for 30 minutes. But when it's a panel [of speakers], it can start to be a little bit different. So it just kind of broke it up, which was nice!"

Other sessions Shayan enjoyed

“One of the sessions from GUIDEcx was about making sure that you think about your business, your onboarding process, and customer experiences in ‘moments’ – and how those moments can be very impactful.

“If we can hone in on those ‘moments’ a little bit more, and figure out how to continue the value at conversation, I think we're going to be a lot more successful. It just made me think about customer success differently. [Harris Clarke] used a quote* in there; it was great – his speaking ability and personality resonated with me a lot.”

Actionable key takeaways from Customer Success Festival

"[The event was] impactful. I think I can take some of the learnings back to our teams and say, 'This is something I think we need to invest in in the future', or 'I think we should be attending these events more’ because gaining an understanding of how the industry as CS as a whole is doing is very important for us moving forward.”

*📢 FYI: The quote Shayan refers to was mentioned by Harris Clarke, Chief Operating Officer at GUIDEcx, during his presentation titled, 'Your guidebook to leveraging onboarding to drive customer success'.

Here's Harris' full quote:

“Our lives are measured in moments and defining moments are the ones that endure in our memories. So make that onboarding experience a defining moment. Don't make it something just to get through, just to hustle through so that they can go live.
“Make it a defining moment so that when it comes time for your customer to renew, to grow, or to look at other competition, they remember you. Give them that memory to draw on.”

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