Picture this: you’re applying for a new job. After sifting through the job description, you keep seeing the same requirement crop up: ‘must have good time management skills’, usually followed by a necessity to multitask.

Whatever your industry or professional field, keeping tabs on your workload is essential. Not only does your deliverability impact your own workload, but it has consequences on other project stakeholders.

For those who work in customer success, using a project management tool can centralize your tasks, allow collaboration with your colleagues, and promote accountability.

As most will appreciate, the trajectory of customer success is far from linear, with a multitude of factors affecting the post-conversion life of a customer. Project management systems help organize the internal projects that have a direct impact on your customers.

While most people like to think they’re super on top of their workload (zero judgment from us if you don’t – we’re all human!), we can all probably agree that having an easy-to-use software solution to manage your daily tasks is a very welcome addition to your professional life.

In our Tools of Choice 2022 report, we asked over 200 people what their favorite software solutions were. Now that we’ve whet your appetite, shall we see what our survey respondents had to say?

Out of all our survey respondents, 61.8% of people claimed to use a project management system as one of the top three tools they use most in their day-to-day lives. Even though it’s a majority, at just under two-thirds of our total number of participants, this figure surprises us, as we expected almost all CS practitioners would use a system to manage their internal daily activities.

What are the best project management tools?


Asana proved to be the most popular project management tool for those who work in customer success. Asana’s MO is all about helping teams organize their many tasks, set project milestones, and stay on track. The way it does this?

Asana provides a single place to file and follow project timelines. Within it, you can sort through various stages like ‘To Do’, ‘In Progress’, ‘Started’, ‘Waiting for Approval’, and ‘Done’. Asana’s biggest driving force is to manage your team’s work in one place and improve accountability.


When asked what their favorite project management tool was, Trello pipped the coveted second-place spot amongst our CS respondents.

With simple – yet effective – boards, lists, and cards, Trello gives its users an instant understanding of where a project or task is up to. With the ability to add comments, attachments, due dates, members, and more to each microtask, it ensures collaboration from start to finish too.


Monday.com was voted third-popular amongst CS leaders. Planning, tracking, and collaborating. Every day of the week. Monday.com lets you add things like due dates, tags, and who’s in charge, makes inviting people and assigning tasks super simple, and presents the bigger picture - whether that be timelines, calendars, files, or otherwise.


HubSpot really is the platform that provides to all. From marketing, sales, content management system (CMS), and customer service, there’s a platform for every aspect of a business.

HubSpot’s project management tool comes as part of any professional package. It’s unique as it allows you to plan and manage your work efficiently while using other HubSpot services, completely removing any unnecessary third-party applications that require additional passwords and calendar access.

This platform takes streamlining your processes to the next level. It allows you to get both granular and high-level views of deadlines, tasks, and resources so you can achieve your goals quickly and to the best of your ability.


Rocketlane is the perfect tool for customer-facing projects and client project delivery. You can create and reuse project and document templates, create native docs or embed external files, share selective access to the project with your customer, and collaborate smarter with a branded customer portal.

Its time tracking module helps your team fill their timesheets in a jiffy and helps your management make accurate time estimates for your client projects. Rocketlane also provides insights that help you better your delivery process iteratively.'


Linear is a solution software that helps streamline software projects, sprints, tasks, and bug tracking. It’s built for high-performance teams, with the overarching goal of putting some of the streamlined, effortless magic back into computing. Even in name, Linear signals upwards progress – something we think businesses the world over will relish the thought at.