"Advocacy is about the customer, everything. Success is about the customer." - Haig Kingston, Head of Customer Success at OpenBlend

Do your customers rave about your brand to friends and colleagues? They should! Turning satisfied customers into loyal advocates is essential today. Yet most companies drop the ball when it comes to post-sale customer experience. 

In this episode, we’re exploring why customer success teams must radically shift their approach to spark organic advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing in an online review world. We chewed the fat with CX maestro, Haig Kingston, Head of Customer Success at OpenBlend, on how to obsess over lifetime customer value, foster brand loyalty, and leverage your happiest customers as a secret sales team.

What we discussed

In this episode, Haig shares his expertise on redefining advocacy, touching upon key topics such as:

  • Understanding the framework of customer advocacy
  • Strategies for structuring advocacy programs effectively
  • The importance of shifting from favor-based approaches to partnership-driven advocacy
  • Navigating the challenges and risks associated with advocacy programs
  • Measuring the impact and benefits of structured advocacy initiatives
  • Practical advice for customer success teams to enhance advocacy efforts

A little bit about Haig

We’re thrilled to welcome Haig back to the podcast to discuss the pivotal topic of redefining customer advocacy in today's market landscape. Haig’s a seasoned expert in customer success, recently voted one of the CSC’s 24 in 24. 

With extensive experience in driving customer success initiatives, Haig brings valuable insights into reshaping advocacy programs to drive meaningful outcomes for both customers and businesses.


Join the conversation and learn more about redefining advocacy in customer success.

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