We’ve heard of customer-led growth, where you focus on the customer’s needs and experience. But a human-first approach? While these two approaches to business may sound similar, they actually have distinct approaches. 

For Danielle Martin, Senior Customer Success Manager at TryHackMe, striving to be human-first is imperative if you have any sincere interest in customer success. 

To find out more about how you can achieve this, we invited Danielle to come on the CS School podcast and chewed the fat on what it really means to be human-first. 

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Key talking points

  • What it means to be “human-first”
  • How to advocate a human-first approach internally
  • Resolving conflict by being human-first 
  • The effect of human-first on customers
  • Software solutions to aid a human-first approach
  • Challenges to human-first
  • The difference between sales and customer-led companies


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A little bit about Danielle

Danielle has over a decade of experience in customer relationship management, and with a background in recruitment, sales & HR, she certainly brings a unique perspective to her work. People are well and truly Danielle’s passion, which is compounded by her natural ability to build rapport with them. 

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