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Your guide to customer onboarding | Customer Success Collective
Whether you’re starting a new job or setting up a new program on your computer, onboarding plays a part in most people’s day-to-day lives. The first definition of onboarding given by Merriam-Webster follows the recruitment angle: “The act or process of orienting and training a new employee.”
Your guide to customer churn | Customer Success Collective
When a customer stops subscribing to a product, or a service, it’s referred to as customer churn. While this is primarily used in the world of SaaS, the principles behind churn detection, calculation and strategy can be applied to product subscriptions too.
Your guide to customer success metrics | Customer Success Collective
Figuring out how to navigate customer success may initially seem like a bit of a minefield. We’re here to map out exactly how you can use customer success metrics to improve your revenue and customer retention.
What is customer retention? | Customer Success Collective
It’s all well and good to actively seek new customers, but what happens if you ignore your current customer base? Plot twist: they churn. In fact, 68% of customers will go elsewhere if they feel the company they’re buying from doesn’t care about their business.
What is a Chief Customer Officer? | Customer Success Collective
Every now and then, aspects of your business will be in need of refreshing to stand tall amongst the competition. But staying ahead of the curve isn’t an easy feat, especially when it comes to making changes from within.