“Successful customer onboarding requires a clear, understandable, repeatable structure.”  

- Brittany Yandura, Director of Customer Success at Fieldguide

Customer onboarding is an essential step in customer success, and it's a process that needs to be addressed properly. It's all about making the customer’s experience as smooth as possible. But how do you actually onboard successfully?

In the first-ever episode of CS School, host Grace Gupta is joined by accomplished onboarding specialist, Brittany Yandura, who imparts a few customer onboarding tidbits she's learned along the way.

Key discussion points

A little bit about our guest

Brittany's primary focus is creating and refining Fieldguide's customer onboarding program and onboarding new customers. She is also responsible for helping Fieldguide’s existing customers to increase adoption and focus on expansions and renewals.

Before taking her role at Fieldguide, Brittany had 10 years of experience in product support, customer consulting, and training, and then as a manager in professional services.

When it comes to customer success, Brittany's an onboarding evangelist and thankfully has a ton of tips up her sleeve to help others create a smooth onboarding process.

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