Let's face it: the wonderful world of B2B is filled with a lot of technical terms, and the customer success field isn't immune. Even though words like "empathy" and "accessibility" appear simple, everything isn’t quite what it seems. It’s time for a second look.

In this episode of the CS School podcast, we're doing what we do best: stripping standard customer success terms back to basics. That's right, we're debunking the pre-conceived ideas around empathy and accessibility with the help of Niina Majaniemi, Senior Customer Success Account Manager at Microsoft.

Key discussion points

  • How empathy and accessibility are applicable to customer success
  • How these terms impact other key CS metrics
  • The common myths or misconceptions around empathy and accessibility
  • How to take the first actions in recognizing empathy and accessibility in your organization
  • Some metrics to measure the impact of empathy and accessibility initiatives led by CS teams

A little bit about Niina

Niina Majaniemi is a Senior Customer Success Account Manager at Microsoft. With almost two decades of working in international business, Niina’s an empathy expert, having studied and written on the topic for years.

Niina’s major drive is to focus on the value that empathy brings to businesses and individuals – how it affects revenue, brand, customer and employee satisfaction. In today's ever-changing business environment, we can´t afford to miss empathy from our strategy.


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