The State of Customer Success 2022 survey


The State of Customer Success Report is back for its second year and is set to illustrate the current landscape of the customer success function.

Once you’ve completed the survey, rest assured you’ll receive a copy of the report when published.

You can expect the report to cover a broad range of topics, reflecting on the past 12 months. Expect a jam-packed read with juicy data and insights for topics including:

💥 Customer retention

💥 Customer churn

💥 Organization structures

💥 KPIs

💥 Customer success metrics

💥 The future of customer success…

The State of Customer Success Report 2022 won’t disappoint. It’ll serve as your central CS compass, offering you the latest in the customer success space.

We want to cast a pretty wide net, so feel free to share this survey with your CS peers to ensure our report reflects as many dynamite voices as possible.