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In this insightful dialogue, our panelists delve into the all-important topic of how to convert customers into powerful brand advocates.

Throughout this discussion, advocacy is defined and debated, with an emphasis on the significance of internal advocates, who can drive product adoption and proficiency within an organization.

This article will focus on:

But first, let’s meet our panelists…

Linsey Parker, Director of Customer Success & Renewals at Onna

Linsey is instrumental in constructing teams that empower customers to attain their objectives. Boasting extensive expertise in nurturing CSMs and catalyzing change within SaaS organizations, she excels in dynamic, people-centric environments that are seeking to grow and evolve. With a passion for continuous learning, exploring new viewpoints, solving complex problems, and forging authentic connections, Linsey’s a driving force in customer success.

Rav Dhaliwal, Investor and Venture Partner at Crane Venture Partners

As a seasoned investor, board member, and former software executive, Rav boasts a wealth of experience in driving net revenue retention for start-ups and business units through his work in customer success, consulting, professional services, customer support, and education.

His strategic leadership has propelled the growth of several early-stage companies, leading to a $1.2 billion acquisition by Microsoft and two successful public exits. With a natural talent for public speaking, media representation, and publishing industry articles, Rav has established himself as a thought leader in his field.

Daniel Goldfeld, VP of Customer Success at Mine

At the time this panel discussion aired in March 2022, Daniel was Global VP of Customer Success at Perimeter 81.

As a highly skilled customer success leader, Daniel brings a wealth of expertise and a track record of success to the table. With over 13 years of experience working in B2B environments, Daniel has established himself as a proactive change agent, utilizing his deep understanding of product design, development, onboarding, training, and employee management to drive outstanding results.

Whether working with local or remote employees and team leads, Daniel brings a comprehensive understanding of the support structures necessary to drive customer engagement and retention.

Fausto Briosa, Team Lead & Principle Customer Success Manager at HubSpot

Fausto drives success for strategic accounts with a wealth of experience in startups and the EMEA region. With a background in helping launch and grow brands like BestTables and Zomato, he has a passion for solving complex operational, procedural, and sales problems.

Fausto's expertise in consulting companies looking to rapidly internationalize and grow makes him a valuable asset for organizations seeking to drive success in the modern business landscape. He brings a strategic and results-driven approach to CS, delivering value with every engagement.