The Ultimate Customer Onboarding Starter Pack


It’s time to streamline your customer onboarding process. You can wave goodbye to unnecessarily writing emails or agendas from scratch. The Ultimate Customer Onboarding Starter Pack will free up your time to focus on "bigger picture stuff." Think of this as your onboarding one-stop shop. 🛒

Why did we create this resource?

Onboarding is a crucial moment in the customer relationship. First impressions matter – if done right, onboarding lays the foundations for happy, loyal long-term customers… and a consistent revenue stream for the foreseeable future. 

But for many Customer Success Managers, nailing those critical first few weeks can be an overwhelming task. Between coordinating handoffs, planning training, and crafting the right messaging, it's easy to feel like you're juggling too many balls.

That's why we partnered with onboarding experts GUIDEx to create The Ultimate Customer Onboarding Starter Pack – your holy grail for tried-and-tested templates, checklists, and best practices designed to help you wow customers from day one. Created by onboarding experts, for onboarding experts.

What's included?

This comprehensive pack contains everything you need to smoothly onboard customers, including:

Customer intake form: Gather key details early to personalize your approach

Onboarding timeline: A sample timeline covering impactful touchpoints

First call agenda: Objectives, training plans, and conversation guides

Training resources: Docs, contacts, and more to set customers up for self-sufficiency

Handover templates: For warm transitions between teams

Welcome email templates: Engaging messaging that kicks things off right

Why you should download this pack

Streamlined onboarding means:

  • Happier customers: Thorough, personalized onboarding makes customers feel valued from day one. This lays the groundwork for satisfaction and retention.
  • Faster time-to-value: With comprehensive training resources and organized touchpoints, customers reach their goals sooner.
  • Smoother handoffs: Detailed transition plans prevent the relationship from stalling between teams.
  • Repeatable framework: With these templates as a guide, you can nail onboarding every time.

Onboarding done right is revolutionary. With this pack, you have all the tools you need to create a seamless, well-organized, and methodical onboarding process that will give your customers a first impression they won't forget.