My name's Rebecca Fenlon and in this article, I'll be taking you through the importance of customer success: how successful customers drive successful companies. This is ultimately about how and why your customer success strategy is crucial in driving organizational success.

My assumption is that most of you reading are already working in customer success. What I really hope I can give you in this article is some tools and insights to take away to your wider organizations in the hopes of making CS front and center if it's not already.

Perhaps you don't yet have a customer success team, maybe you're a new startup, maybe you're just crafting your customer success strategy - if that's the case, I'm hoping to convince you exactly how crucial CS is to the success of your business.

Who am I?

Mostly, I'm just someone with a passion for customer-centricity. But I got some feedback that maybe that's not enough for a buyer. I'm also Head of Customer Success for Cognassist. We were lucky enough to be awarded UK's number one ed-tech startup last year.

We're on a mission to ensure no learner is left behind and we do that by identifying hidden learning needs and providing personalized support to ensure learners achieve their qualifications.

In terms of my career, I started out in implementation but I've actually moved throughout the whole client lifecycle; pre-sales, implementations, support, strategic relationship management, which ultimately culminated in me working in customer success.