Game-changing strategies for 2024 [OnDemand]

3 essential product education plays for customer success leaders

Customers who understand how to use and derive value from a product are more likely to renew or expand.

As customer success teams continue to gain more responsibility for bottom-line business metrics, their plays naturally have to adapt.

We covered 3 game-changing plays in our latest live session, helping you to achieve product stickiness and streamline training processes.

Catch the replay of our session where we spoke to experts from Skilljar about these 3 plays:

📋 The onboarding optimization play. Dive into developing educational content that accelerates and enriches customer onboarding.

📢 The product adoption amplification play. Uncover educational tactics to enhance product adoption and usage.

🔄 The churn reduction play. Explore continuous and adaptive learning strategies to combat high churn rates.

Each play is packed with real-world examples, offering practical insights for optimizing onboarding, reducing churn, and boosting product adoption.

Learn how Customer Success leaders are increasing revenue by tapping into customer education to improve product adoption.

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