Chief Customer Officer Summit


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πŸ“ New York | London

A full day of strategic discussion, learning, and idea sharing, exclusively for Chief Customer Officers and senior-level customer success leaders.

Request your invite to join this exclusive gathering at CCO Summit where true industry-defining voices will take to the stage to share insights, innovations, and key challenges shaping the customer success landscape.

This is your chance to connect with an exclusive group of customer leader peers for a day of expert-led content, discussion, and networking.

Agenda at a glance

A dedicated, networking-focused discussion that will help customer leaders build a future-proof customer success strategy.

πŸ’₯ Empower your CS team beyond renewals for a more influential function
πŸ“Š Prove your function's worth by monitoring truly meaningful metrics
πŸ€– Empower your team with AI-ready processes and tools
πŸ’Ό How to identify and address key skills and knowledge gaps in your team
♻️ Value realization - deliver success for your customer at every stage of the lifecycle
πŸ“ˆ Build, scale & lead your team to sustained success in a challenging economy
🀝 Dedicated, hosted networking roundtable discussions

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