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Aren't you tired of endlessly Googling “best customer success tools”? 

We feel your pain. But together, as a community, we can create something awesome.

Finding the latest and greatest software for onboarding, feedback, and retention can be a serious time sapper. One day, you're desperately searching Google for the top-rated churn prediction tools. The next, you're spending hours sifting through forums for the best platform to organize customer insights.

It's overwhelming. 🤯

But what if you had a definitive guide to the must-have customer success tools recommended by your peers?

The Tools of Choice 2023 Report will be your CSM toolkit for tech domination. 

Rather than losing half an afternoon aimlessly searching through page after page, you'll have a handy one-stop-shop directory vetted by CS professionals. From the best project management tool to the best provider of surveys, it'll map out the hottest tools to take your stack to the next level.

Introducing your tech stack North Star 

This report will provide you with:

👀 Insider tips from the CS community

💰 Cost breakdowns to inform your buying decisions

➡️ The balanced scoop on AI in customer success

... and tons more!

But we can't create this invaluable resource without your help.

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