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How to create seamless alignment between CS and Sales

March 25, 2024
11:00 pm EDT | 8:00 am PDT | 4:00 pm GMT

In this session, Subash Sreenivasan discusses the critical importance of aligning sales and customer success within organizations. She emphasizes that while the ideal scenario of seamless collaboration between these two departments may not always exist, it is essential for achieving sustainable growth.

She stresses the need for proper governance structures to facilitate collaboration and measurement of outcomes. A unified customer canvas ensures a shared understanding of customer needs and goals across departments. The handoff process is crucial for seamless transition between sales and customer success, ensuring clear communication and accountability.

Throughout the session, Subash provides insights into practical strategies and metrics for effective alignment, such as customer satisfaction rates, deployment timelines, and expansion opportunities. She emphasizes the importance of collaboration and communication in fostering a culture of alignment between sales and customer success for sustainable business growth.

Subha Shrinivasan, Vice President of Customer Success, Unified Cloud BU, Rakuten Symphony

Customer Success executive with a strong technology background in Cloud and K8s.

Areas of specialization: Delivery of Products & Services, CS-Operations, Pre-sales, and Technical Account Management.
data center
Career Highlights :
- PnL ownership & achievement (> 25M in revenue),
- Business Unit Head (15+ Fortune 500 customers at a time) of data center Solutions & Services BU
- Global leadership of over 200 + large sized, globally distributed, culturally diverse teams across continents
- Track record for scale; Built new delivery units from scratch to 200+ member team in less than 18 months
- Global account management for Fortune 500 companies (Meta, Google, DELL, Brocade)

Designing a customer success strategy built on sentiment and relationships

February 27, 2024
11:00 pm EDT | 8:00 am PDT | 4:00 pm GMT

In this session, valuable insights are offered on designing a customer success strategy centered on sentiment and relationships, irrespective of the team's developmental stage. Emphasizing the understanding of customer success department maturity stages, essential aspects like accountability partnerships and distinguishing between value and impact are highlighted.

The significance of leveraging data, surveys, and CSM feedback to iteratively refine customer journeys is underscored, driving long-term benefits for both customers and businesses. Additionally, practical considerations such as securing a budget for necessary tools and overcoming challenges during stage transitions are addressed.

This session offers actionable strategies for optimizing customer success endeavors and nurturing meaningful customer connections.

Melissa McMillan, Vice President of Customer Success, Evolv AI

I build Customer Success teams from nothing to well-oiled machines for startups. Born Maximizer, experienced workflow and process streamlining expert passionate about progress and the arts of simplifying and improving.