Conducting the expansion sale [OnDemand]


Redefine customer success as a linchpin for growth. 📈

Like any well-oiled machine, every department in your org plays an important role in driving revenue growth.

But despite nearly 80% of revenue coming from existing customers, customer success seems to be the most underutilized role.

Whilst keeping customers happy is key, leading CS teams are positioned as advocates and conductors for growth - facilitating conversations between sellers and customers.

Catch the replay of this webinar to find out how your teams can adopt this approach, igniting conversations to realize customers' value and keep them coming back for more.

Key takeaways

✅️ The crucial role of Customer Success in a profitable commercial enterprise.

💰 Why it's vital to articulate value to existing customers.

🤝 How sales and CS can collaborate to facilitate retention and expansion conversations.

Meet our expert host: