Replay the hottest customer success content [OnDemand]

ICYMI, we hosted two insightful live sessions, right here at the Customer Success Collective, jam-packed full of the hottest talking points, advice and topics.

Missed both sessions? Not to worry - you can catch them OnDemand, so you won't miss a thing.

Even better news? We've got them both right here for you to access, so take your pick and catch up on the best bits. 👇

Crafting the perfect onboarding experience for success

Do you struggle with a lack of data, minimal feedback about the process, or even low visibility into where the roadblocks and the accelerators are in your onboarding process?

You're not alone.

That's why we turned to experts at GUIDEcx and Amazon to find the answers.

Catch the session OnDemand and find out how to create an onboarding process that's organized, rooted in transparency and purpose-built.

Unlocking the power of AI

AI is the buzzword of the year - everyone's talking about it.

But how can you apply it to customer success?

Catch the replay of our session with experts from ActioHX, IBM, Capital Drive and Fortress Solutions as we discuss the current AI landscape and how it affects customer success, including its current and future state, implementation challenges and success stories.