Beyond the Bot: AI in Customer Success eBook


Is AI a bit of a mystery to you? Something you’ve seen hyped a lot about on LinkedIn, but you're not too sure how it affects your customer success role. If this is the case, you’re in the right place.

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"AI has tremendous power to drive game-changing results for your business," they say. But seriously, how can you actually incorporate AI into your customer success workflow?

Enter our latest eBook: Beyond the Bot: AI in Customer Success. This is your trusted guide to merging AI’s vast potential with everyday customer success operations.

Our eBook is packed with actionable insights, real-world examples, and expert tips to help you position your customer success function for long-term success in the age of AI.

What's inside? 👀

Here's a little sneak peek of the good stuff inside...

📚 Chapter 1: Understanding AI

In order to understand how AI can be used, it’s important to establish some fundamentals so you can confidently understand machine learning, generative AI, and what these “natural language processing” folks are talking about.

📚 Chapter 2: Automation

A big way digital customer success harnesses AI is through “automation.” This is quite a general term that’s thrown about a lot, but how can it reeeeally help you? Here’s how: AI-powered automation is revolutionizing the game. From customer support and providing 24/7 assistance, to mass email sending, script-writing and research, all of which help solve issues faster, and free up your team to focus on high-impact strategic work.

📚 Chapter 3: Predictive analytics and insights

No one wants their customers to churn, so how can we use the all-knowing AI to combat this issue? You can leverage the predictive power of AI to identify potential churn risks, uncover hidden insights, and develop proactive customer retention strategies tailored to each individual.

📚 Chapter 4: Personalization and recommendation systems

To go far in this game, it’s all about making customers feel like they matter, like your product was built just for them. Personalization is your golden ticket to elevate the customer experience, delivering mega-relevant content, awesome product recommendations, and elite support at every single touchpoint.

📚 Chapter 5: Integrating AI with a human touch

Learn how to strike the perfect balance between AI and human interaction, augmenting your customer success team's capabilities while preserving the personal, empathetic connections that drive lasting loyalty.

📚 Chapter 6: Ethics of AI

Understand the critical ethical considerations around AI, from data privacy and transparency to ensuring fairness and accountability in your customer success operations.

Why you need this eBook 

  1. See how the world's top customer success teams are leveraging cutting-edge AI to revolutionize their operations. 
  2. Let's be real: your customers still crave that personal touch, even as the tech gets smarter. This eBook shows you how to amplify your team's capabilities while preserving those all-important emotional bonds.
  3. You’ll gain rock-solid, actionable insights straight from the mouths of customer success pioneers. 

Do you need any more reasons? Okay, last one: 

Isn’t it time to stop leaving potentially business-changing customer experiences on the table and join the AI revolution?