🗓 Date: May 24-25, 2023
📍 Location: Las Vegas

What is the Customer Success Festival? 🤔

We’re putting the brightest minds in the world of customer success into one room to share their success stories, best practices, and greatest challenges.

Harness the power of in-person events, form genuine connections, and gain valuable insights to elevate both your professional development and your organization’s growth.


Speakers highlights. 🧠

Deanna is a customer success leader with a customer-focused growth mindset. She leads teams to develop, inspire, and execute creative solutions for both local and global teams.

Leonard Green is the Vice President of Customer Success (Sales Technology). In this role Leonard leads a department of 140+ Customer Success Consultants and Technology Specialist that enable the adoption of customer experience driven technology to drive a faster, seamless, optimized sales cycle.

Ayman is a technologist, tech strategist, tech speaker, advisor, change leader and a cloud architect specializing in big data, modern cloud-native application design, cloud infrastructure, high-performance computing clusters and hyper-scale hybrid data center solutions.


Agenda highlights. 🔥

  • Building a strong customer onboarding process for long-term retention
  • Leveraging customer feedback to drive product development and improve retention
  • Implementing effective customer communication strategies
  • Managing customer churn and identifying at-risk customers
  • Utilizing customer success software and tools to improve efficiency and performance tracking