🗓 Date: October 19, 2022
📍 Location: Boston

What is the Customer Success Festival? 🤔

The Customer Success Festival is making its way to Boston. 🇺🇸

We’re putting the brightest minds in the world of customer success into one room to share their success stories, best practices, and greatest challenges.

Harness the power of in-person events, form genuine connections, and gain valuable insights to elevate both your professional development and your organization’s growth.


What will I learn from the Customer Success Festival?

To put it simply, you will:

  • Understanding the KPI’s what metrics should you be measuring to inform your CS strategy.
  • Discover the best retention strategies and how to enhance customer experience.
  • How CS can effectively collaborate cross-departmentally.
  • The opportunity to network with CS experts in an intimate in-person setting.
  • Benchmark industry insights from CS professionals across your peers.

Speakers Highlights. 🧠

Swati's areas of expertise include customer support customer success and retention professional services, strategic, planning and leadership, operational & financial excellence, global team management.

Adham is based out of New York City, focusing on accelerating and enabling customers in the Financial Services industry with their digital transformation journeys, ensuring they receive the maximum value out of their Microsoft investment.

Melissa has been building and leading Customer Success and Account Management Teams for the past 15+ years.


Agenda highlights. 🔥

📍Customer success operations: when and why is it needed?
📍 Customer retention strategies to increase your ARR
📍 Metrics CS departments should track to optimize performance
📍 When and how to scale your team for success
📍 Customer success and cross-departmental collaboration
📍 Create a customer experience that can grow the bottom line
📍 Learn how to position CS as a strategic revenue driver
📍 Discover the most effective churn mitigation techniques