🗓 Date: October 17 & 18, 2023
📍 Location: Boston

What is Customer Success Festival? 🤔

We’re putting the brightest minds in the world of customer success into one room to share their success stories, best practices, and greatest challenges.

Harness the power of in-person events, form genuine connections, and gain valuable insights to elevate both your professional development and your organization’s growth.


Speakers Highlights. 🧠

Jess is focused on guiding and building superstar customer-centric teams. She has a proven track record of leading high-performing customer success teams, through implementing strategies and programs that have resulted in increased customer retention, expansion, and advocacy.

Santosh has a strong consulting/sales background in the entire spectrum of Digital. He has extensively worked in eCommerce, APIs, advanced analytics, mobile, social and cloud technologies.

Josh Buckley is the Director of Digital Customer Success at VMware. He has led VMware’s digital customer success strategies and programs servicing over 20,000 customers since 2020.


Agenda highlights. 🔥

  1. Unleash your full potential: maximizing customer value through advanced feature utilization
  2. Elevate customer success with cross-functional strategic partnerships
  3. Level up your CSMs: build and scale your team and retain the best talent
  4. Shaping API & integration strategies: accelerating CS automation
  5. Navigating customer success in a sales-led vs. product-led company
  6. Customer experience in times of crisis: resilience, resolution & reputation management
  7. Drive customer retention, renewals, and expansion to drive growth through an economic downturn