Tuesday, May 23
Time: 12:00 EST | 9:00am PST | 5:00pm GMT

Monthly free customer success live session

Session information

'Driving revenue growth with customer success'

In this session, Jovana discusses how businesses can drive revenue growth through customer success, highlighting the importance of creating a customer-centric culture and adopting a proactive approach to customer success. Jovana provides practical tips on how businesses can leverage customer success to drive revenue growth, such as using customer data to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities and implementing a customer referral program.

About the speakers

Jovana Djapa, Head of Enterprise Customer Solutions Management at Amazon Web Services

Jovana Djapa is a highly skilled technology industry professional with extensive international experience in various areas such as telecommunications, AdTech, and digital transformation. She is currently focused on the future of work, leveraging her expertise in Intelligent Automation and AI to drive innovative solutions in this area. Throughout her career, Jovana has been an advocate for driving positive social impact through technology.