Tuesday, April 18
Time: 12:00 EST | 9:00am PST | 5:00pm GMT

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Session information

'Top 10 CS Skills for Future Leaders'

In this session, Rebecca muses how in a previous leadership workshop she was discussing the most sought-after leadership skills and got to thinking, “How many of these are relevant to us in customer success?” When you take a look at the skills which are important to be successful in customer success, they're the exact same things that will make future leaders stronger and connect with their teams.

About the speaker

Rebecca Nerard, VP of Customer Success at FourKites

Rebecca works as VP of Customer Success at E2Open where she demonstrates herself as a dedicated and enthusiastic customer success professional who is committed to teamwork, communication, and ongoing value. Rebecca has over 20 years of experience in software technology and consulting services companies, with leadership roles in marketing and customer success management.