Tuesday, June 20
Time: 12:00 EST | 9:00am PST | 5:00pm GMT

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Session Information

How to Build a Killer CS Career

In this session, Maranda, Rebecca and Josh provide actionable tips and insights from their varied careers into building a successful career in customer success. Maranda’s been in customer-facing roles for the past 24 years, with an abundance of insights learned along the way. Rebecca has the know-how about what makes a good story and how all facets of personal, professional and company development are bound to the success of storytelling. Josh’s position as CEO gives him a unique experience as a hiring manager, offering his perspective into what works to help build a killer resume and get into a great career track.

About the speakers

Maranda Dziekonski, formerly Chief Customer Officer at Swiftly, Inc. Currently, Maranda’s the SVP of Customer Success at Hourwork.

Maranda has over 20 years of experience both working in and building world-class operations. Her specialties are customer success (B2B, B2C, B2B2C), renewals management, implementations, customer support (B2B, B2C), tech support, contact centers (inbound/outbound), sales, and various other teams in operations.

Rebecca Kerr, formerly Creative Director at InVision. Currently, Rebecca is the Content Designer at Facebook.

For Rebecca, technology’s a tool that transforms – and transformation makes for a great story.

Rebecca’s big passion in life is to drive to humanize tech brands through great storytelling, and through agile, iterative content distribution techniques. She wants to collaborate with engineers, writers, designers, sales reps, leaders, and customers to build bridges and find ways to grow in a way that centers its focus on the customer's journey.

Josh Schachter, CEO of UpdateAI

Josh is an entrepreneur and product leader with experience building consumer-facing user experiences across multiple platforms, including desktop, native mobile, Facebook, and mobile web. Josh has a strong analytic background with a focus on optimizing funnel conversion, user engagement, customer lifetime value and SEO acquisition.